13 and some change.

I am so sick, still.

A little bit better, I sometimes think. And then the headache comes on or my back seizes or my lunch slides up my throat — or whatever. I’m so sick of the constant reel of complaints in my head. I wish I could ignore them, ignore the symptoms. Push through. But when I do, I end up in bed for two days.

2016: The summer I stayed in bed, ice pack 15 minutes on the hour, and waited for this, too, to pass.

This was 10 weeks… 10 WEEKS. 

Had first visit at perinatologist this week. Had no idea what to expect. There was a nurse who took vitals, an extensive ultrasound, a blood draw, and a meeting with a doctor. All went really well. I’ve had my fickle blood drawn 3 times already this pregnancy, and that doesn’t bother me at all. The doctor was very familiar with my file, thorough, and had an awesome handlebar mustache and photos of him riding a cattle horse on his ranch. The ultrasound tech was great in that she, too, was thorough and clearly had been doing her job for quite some time. She referred to babies’ sex as genders, which rubs me wrong, but overall I really liked her and everyone in the office.

Everything looks on the up and up. Each baby has its own sac and placenta (dichorionic-diamniotic), which we were pretty sure of before, but got a better look this round. This is a big plus, since it’s less risky than other types of twins. Both heartbeats were strong (160’s) and measurements were on target and/or in the good range. Both babes were flipping and turning.


Carter starts first grade tomorrow. He made sure his alarm clock was set and has a new hair cut and fresh threads. My heart hurts and leaps. Carter Patrick, you make my world turn.

Jack is all no-pants and toothy cheese grins and sign language these days. He’s got words and belly laughs and (so. many.) screeches — the kid has great lungs. Between now and January, I’m looking forward to some Mom & Chumby time during the day. As long as he stops head butting me for snacks.

I’m so tired, as I might’ve mentioned. This entry took me over an hour. Words and breathing, man. Hard.

Signing off for sleep. Eff editing.



some of the loves of my life.

Time to unload some cell phone adventure shots. It’s been a while.

Dear Landry,

Please stay put for as long as possible. Stop trying to make a way-too-early debut.


Your Favorite Aunt

My favorite poster in my classroom.

Miley in curlers.

My nine-month old.

Longest. Eyelashes. Ever.

Such a ham.

Irony at its finest.

Bird Bath.

Caught in a rare nap.

Blue eyes; new teeth



Dear Carter,

Today was a good day to be you. We slept in, only taking in the clock’s report when you pushed me to roll to the other side. When we woke up, Dad was downstairs watching sports and internetting. These are two of his favorite things to do. So we did some laundry and some dishes, and then left to run errands (and get icecream!) with Grandma Lori, Aunt Michelle, and Cousin Miley. I bought some more belly cream because it makes your shell seem extra soft and flexible (still no stretch marks…go team!), and I picked up a sage green laundry basket and some more hangers for your ever-expanding wardrobe. You are going to be one dapper young gentleman.

Dad took us to the movies with a couple of the passes I got as a thank-you at the volleyball banquet. We saw a movie about a runaway train. The acting was done really well; I’m glad Dad picked this time, because I don’t think I’d have chosen it, and then we’d have missed out. We drank bottled water and ate Skittles, giving Dad all of the yellow ones (he’s good to us that way). You kicked and poked throughout the loud movie. You’re exceptionally strong these days.

I’m very excited for you to come out and snuggle with me. I can’t wait to smell your head and show you all of the cool parts about living with your father and me. But then I know that I will miss you being inside me, bundled up and nuzzled against my sore back and overactive bladder, protected. You are almost here, Carter Patrick, and we have already loved you for a long time.



Us at 36 weeks.