some of the loves of my life.

Time to unload some cell phone adventure shots. It’s been a while.

Dear Landry,

Please stay put for as long as possible. Stop trying to make a way-too-early debut.


Your Favorite Aunt

My favorite poster in my classroom.

Miley in curlers.

My nine-month old.

Longest. Eyelashes. Ever.

Such a ham.

Irony at its finest.

Bird Bath.

Caught in a rare nap.

Blue eyes; new teeth



So long, sweet summer.

Whelp, this is it. My last phew hours of summer break.

I’m sure there are better things I could be doing to prepare. Here is some off of my mundane, but very important task list before I fall asleep:

  1. Fold and put away laundry that’s currently sitting in the dryer.
  2. Tweak stupid PowerPoint. Or get ambitious and make it a SMART Notebook file.
  3. Wash and dry and curl my hair so that I don’t have to do it in the morning, because I’m afraid of not having time and I want to get to my room early so that I can freak out less.
  4. Pack my lunch.
  5. Pack baby’s bag.

My full to-do list is awful and monstrous. I’m nervous (when does that ever go away?). I miss my baby so much already and tonight he was overtired and teething and cried himself to sleep.

Apologies for the uninspiring breakdown. Here’s a video from last night of Miley playing with Carter in my living room. Afterwards, he went to bed and she and I watched The Swan Princess and she fell asleep and drooled on me. I love her.





Bird’s first trip to the beach wasn’t quite a success. In fact, I think all of us (my parents, sister, niece, Carter, and I) were left needing a vacation from vacation. Carter wasn’t a big fan of the sun and the sand this first time around, and he definitely wasn’t a fan of the hotel room. He wanted to be back in his own bed — so much like his mama.

Still, it had been too long since I’d experienced that flood of emotions that comes with standing in front of the ocean. Cliché as it is, there’s no denying that cup-runneth-over sensation. Ankle deep in saltwater, holding the small person who just this time last year was beginning to give me belly thumps from the inside out, I let gravity pull my heels into the sand.