Pumpkin Patch

To celebrate October, we headed up north in search of pumpkins and cooler weather. At least we found the pumpkins. This annual trip means an awful lot to me. The first time, I was 8 months pregnant. Last year, Bird was all too quickly approaching his first birthday. And now, at almost two, I watched my…… Continue reading Pumpkin Patch

some of the loves of my life.

Time to unload some cell phone adventure shots. It’s been a while. Dear Landry, Please stay put for as long as possible. Stop trying to make a way-too-early debut. Love, Your Favorite Aunt My favorite poster in my classroom. Miley in curlers. My nine-month old. Longest. Eyelashes. Ever. Such a ham. Irony at its finest.…… Continue reading some of the loves of my life.