Pumpkin Patch

To celebrate October, we headed up north in search of pumpkins and cooler weather. At least we found the pumpkins. This annual trip means an awful lot to me. The first time, I was 8 months pregnant. Last year, Bird was all too quickly approaching his first birthday. And now, at almost two, I watched my…… Continue reading Pumpkin Patch

11 Months Old.

Our baby hoot owl is eleven months old. He’s nearly a year old. C.P. is a bona fide chatterbox. I get the impression that we’re not far from a whole lot of talkin’. At the moment, with varying degrees of consistency, he says: “Mawm” and “Dadd” and “Beebee” “Peas” and “Tankoo” “Hi” and “Bye-Bye” “Ba”,…… Continue reading 11 Months Old.