Pumpkin Patch

To celebrate October, we headed up north in search of pumpkins and cooler weather. At least we found the pumpkins.

This annual trip means an awful lot to me. The first time, I was 8 months pregnant. Last year, Bird was all too quickly approaching his first birthday. And now, at almost two, I watched my stomping toddler go exploring.

Amidst a couple of long car rides, pickled okra, merry-go-round spins, hayrides, too much food, and not enough room for pie, I felt the summer melt into fall — my favorite season. A certain Jesse was able to capture a handful of priceless memories.


11 Months Old.

Our baby hoot owl is eleven months old. He’s nearly a year old.

C.P. is a bona fide chatterbox. I get the impression that we’re not far from a whole lot of talkin’. At the moment, with varying degrees of consistency, he says:

“Mawm” and “Dadd” and “Beebee”

“Peas” and “Tankoo”

“Hi” and “Bye-Bye”

“Ba”, “Ba”, and “Ba” (Ball, Book, and Bottle — though each does sound a bit different).

Bird’s not yet walking — but why would he when he crawls so darn fast? He’s mastered going up stairs, and fast — Jordan learned this the hard way when he left him in the living room to use the bathroom, only to discover that he’d gone upstairs to his room for a little peace and quiet.

He’ll pass a ball back and forth with you and hand you objects when you ask for them. He loves to play chase, and will take off crawling as fast as he can, convulsing in giggles when you tell him, “I’m gonna get you!”

He hates pants and loves vegetables. He adores the outdoors, refuses to stay still for diaper or clothing changes, waves hello and goodbye with not one hand but two, and is skillful at antagonizing his big cousin, Miley.

Your Daddd and I love you to the moon, Smalls. You’ve brought so much joy to our lives. You are what grounds me to each day and anchors me to to this world.


Pumpkin Patch

Earlier this month, we ventured up north for some fresh air and the perfect pumpkin. Carter wore his pumpkin cap, Erin and I grabbed a pumpkin-chai latte each, and we caravanned up to Chino Valley (though apparently I drive too slow for SOME people. You know who you are).

The weather was wonderful, and I had a divine day with family — especially watching the three littles, Carter-Bird, Miley-Bug, and Lauren.

The pumpkin patch was extra special this time around. Last year at the same place, I was 31 weeks along with Carter and looked a bit like a pumpkin myself. I felt like life had come full circle. Happy Halloween!