Heather Lynne

heather patch

Hey, hey.

My house is always, always loud. I’m going to write up my “autobiography” whilst feeding twin infants and blocking out the footage of REAL LIFE garbage trucks at work that’s streaming from YouTube/pacifying my two-year old. And I’m going to try to write it without sounding like the biggest doof ever, which is an exercise in futility. Here goes.

I’m Heather, Heather Lynne, Lynne, and a host of lesser nicknames. I’m a high school English teacher-on-hiatus, the hiatus being my brood of four offspring: Carter, Jack, Elizabeth and Charlotte.

I’m married to Jesse. We live in Phoenix.

I grew up here, mostly. I spent my childhood planning to be a missionary-ballerina. I spent middle school planning to be my older sister. In high school, I was senior class secretary, played three varsity sports, edited the school newspaper, took classical ballet lessons, and joined approximately 15 clubs, give or take. I had a stupidly high, obsessively-monitored GPA and graduated with a full ride scholarship.

Not once as an adult has any of this stuff mattered. Except maybe that I’m fairly good at suppressing ever-present anxiety and my inner voice talks to me like I’m constantly running a marathon and losing.

I’m working on that.

I started this blog in 2010 when I was 25 and pregnant with Carter and way less honest with the Internet. Since then, a lot has gone down. A few things are difficult to write about, but I’m trying anyway. These include my Lifetime-esque divorce to my first husband, my stint as a single mom on a teacher’s salary, losing four grandparents in four years, and the death of my best friend/sister-in-law to a wrong way driver. I struggle here. I have a hard time owning these stories.

But most of life is very easy to write about. I’m married to a glasses-clad, red-bearded, urban gardener named Jesse who nerds around with computers, craves world travel, and laughs too hard at his own jokes. He also makes a mean Instant Pot curry. I know; he’s perfect.


We meant to have two mayyybe three kids, Carter plus one more, but somehow that turned into me getting knocked up when Jack was 14-months old and then nearly fainting on the ultrasound table when I saw what looked like one butterfly with two very big wings on the monitor. At any rate, we have four — FOUR! — and I stay home and it is absolute chaos from sunup to sundown.

I’ve got an extra-large handful of really, really good people in my corner. The Langes are a cult, so that’s what I bring to the table. And then somehow I’ve managed to find all the other best people and hog them up all for myself. But you can totally sit with us.

I believe in Jesus and I believe in loving people hard, and I believe that those are the same thing.

Other things I believe in: Harry Potter, coffee, inclusivity, and kitchen dancing.

Thanks for reading and commenting and hanging out.


2 thoughts on “Heather Lynne

  1. Hi Heather,
    Would you mind if I followed you on Instagram? I enjoyed reading your blog. I didn’t realize you were related to Megan until I read on. I did not know Megan, but her story has forever touched my heart. I think about her daily and pray for her boys and family. My heart goes out to you.

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