Here’s how life is right now:

We live in our cute house that has gingham curtains and the boys’ toys everywhere. I try to keep the floors swept and the clothes clean and the fridge stocked. Ok, well, that’s underselling it. I try to do a whole lot of things, but never the same things two days/hours in a row.

Jesse works from his home office or from thousands of miles away in cooler (both meanings) cities. When he’s in town, he drinks a pot of coffee a day, minus the one cup that I take. The house starts waking up at 5am, so sometimes there’s a very necessary two pots.

Carter’s near the end of kindergarten and “has a girlfriend”. Seriously though they hold hands in the cafeteria and run the half lap in P.E. together and sit next to each other at lunch every day and she sends home notes in his backpack AND THIS IS WHY WE’RE CHANGING SCHOOLS. It’s not ok.

(But she’s actually the cutest. She has crazy curly hair and big blue eyes and is learning Korean. She can count in Spanish to fourteen. She wears sundresses with cowboy boots and is also still only 5.)

He has dance class once a week with Sammie. His recital is coming up. They’re doing a mashup to N*Sync. Yup. Basketball just ended and summer camps and sports are around the corner.

Jack is walking. He is toddling as fast as he can and pivoting with his little fat legs. His butt eats his diaper and his wild strawberry blonde hairs stick straight up. He signs “more” and “all done” and blows kisses. He waves goodbye, throws his hands up to show you how big he is, and points out noses and the occasional belly. He says thank you (dank do) whenever you hand him anything. He tone-sings to the ABCs, growls on command, and pretends to read books. He loves his stuffed animals and spoons them in his crib.

He splashes like a crazy person in the tub and. If allowed, he will spend all day out on the back patio earning that tub. He loves his big brother the most. Actually, he loves his Aunt Mimi the most. But Carter’s a clear second.

And he’s finally, finally sleeping on an almost-dependable schedule. Naps included.

We got a van. (It’s hard for me to acknowledge this life change, but I will say that it is so convenient and makes driving enjoyable. Until you keep walking by your vehicle in parking lots because you don’t recognize it.)

Life is always spilling over at the seams. Being a homemaker is the most comical decision I’ve ever made. The best, of course, but also my most blind decision. I really had no idea what I was getting into.

This shit is insane.

I love it, but for Pete’s sake, am I learning a whole lot and it’s not always pretty.




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