Good Things Come in Threes.

I can remember sitting in Mr. John Clements’ freshman English class in Upton, Massachusetts (voted the state’s most boring town) thinking to myself that, despite Clem obviously being the best teacher on the planet (he took us on a walking field trip to a cemetery), he was off his rocker/meds that fine morning. He was informing us about “special, magic numbers” in literature, and how when certain numbers came up in books, they meant something.

If the number one was mentioned, it should surely be noted. Two was magical. Three was huge. Apparently, in a book, if something happened three times, our young, analytical minds should be positively erupting in fireworks. Four was pretty important. Five was significant. And sevens and thirteens, of course. But especially three.

There’s evidence in support of good things happening in threes around here. For instance, today the Dutch Bros. barista (baristo?) stamped my card three times “just because”. Solid proof.

This past week held the queen of all trifectas:

1. Admitted to grad school. No bigs.

2. Next year’s teaching schedule changed to awesome. Hooray for surpluses of kids who want to take Honors Freshman English! …Sorry I can’t take you to the cemetery.

3. Emery Grace. The rule (which of course in literature can always be broken, but holds true this round) is that the third happening in a trio is the most significant. Baby Emery came into the world the third of three girls. You know there’ll be her own post (and maybe another one just on her crazy blonde hair) once I collect some snapshots, but in the meantime, I’ll just be over here, standing amazed.


1 thought on “Good Things Come in Threes.”

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