Bits of Truth.


It’s easy to forget how big the world is and how small we are. But there are these moments, incredible moments, when I realize that everything is so big that I could lead the most fulfilled life and never, no matter how hard I tried, really know it all. In my tiny, limited knowledge, I pretend that I understand some small part of existence. I pretend that any of it makes sense. On my best days, I drink chai in the morning and reisling before six o’clock, and I remember that there are still castles I haven’t visited.

How quaint.

Here’s how I know I love you (any of you):
When I see something especially wonderful, I immediately want to share it.

Here’s some stuff I’ve been into:

The great and powerful Ashley Butler introduced me to my new favorite internet place, Dooce.com. For this and many, many other reasons, I am eternally indebted.

I Wrote This For You — This site got me through some bad days. And the writers stopped updating when they knew I was just fine, so I know it was actually written for me. Sorry guys. That solves that mystery.

All of the variations on the HRC marriage equality badge had me laughing. So hard.

Hard to choose a favorite, but I think it might be Rafiki.

Ok, Jesse. You can take my picture more often. I guess.

Jesse and I took a trip to a convention in New Mexico. An anime convention. I know, I know. (It’s ok guys — I’ve done my research. I know how to settle the score.)

Anime is not my scene. Not my brand of weirdness. There were things seen that cannot be unseen. At any rate, I absolutely didn’t need to know about tentacle porn. Also, Albuquerque in general may be questionable in nature. It’s a good thing the people were awesome. Here were the highlights:

1. Despite being warned (oh, please) that we would be listening to nonstop trance, I got to control Pandora. Band of Horses, Blood Orange, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Neko Case, a little Florence…

2. I got a big chunk of Sense and Sensibility digested. Thoughts so far: I might be an Elinor, and that might suck.

3. Mimosas and french toast? Don’t mind if I do.

4. I got a quick lesson on aperture and shutter speed, and I’d like more photo knowledge, thanks.

Bird is really, really into a few quality things this month. Star Wars. Counting. Cuddling. Little Einsteins. Pancakes. All things that I wildly approve of.

Hitchhiker’s thumbs and relief that nothing burned down.

Guess what’s wrapped up for the year? NHS.

Summer is coming, and that means lots of party time with these two, plus Landry and Baby Sean and even…

…niece #3. (!!!!!)

Remember Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” video that was being Facebook-plastered last week? I didn’t like it. But it was a busy week, and I couldn’t dwell on it and try to pin down why. But this, guys. This.

In other news, I actually cooked adult dinners last week, and I’m craving Annie Dillard. And Joan Didion. And Sylvia Plath. So it must be spring.

You know what makes life considerably more worth living these days? The sun is up when my alarm goes off at Godawful-thirty. And some other things. Like pineapple pizza. And people who smile with their eyes. Morning text messages. Italian sodas. Parking lot epiphanies. Sassy work emails. Solving life problems with naps. Tyrion Lannister. Excessively strong attachments. But the winner is: How Carter does what the cartoons tell the audience to do.

We’ll end this with my favorite topic.

It’s ok. I know. He’s cooler than me, too.

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