Around Here

The weather’s been gorgeous.  We’ve been outside a lot. Miley’s birthday, trips to the park, dinners on the patio, long walks, Saturdays at the farmer’s market, the zoo — spring cleaning for the lungs.

On nights when Carter can’t sleep, we go outside. It’s the only thing that seems to work consistently. I get it. The moon’s been round and obvious this week, peeking over the rooftops boldly. When I walk the streets barefoot and sleepy, bouncing my baby bird and singing the old songs my grandma sang to me, I’m as full as that moon.

Miley’s been teaching me to dance lately. We are girls!” she shouts. “Every day, I’m shuffling!”

Speaking of Miley, someone had a Hello Kitty birthday party this past month. It seems so silly that she’s already four. She tells me all the time what a big kid she is, and I’m getting rather tired of this nonsense.

Patrick and Megan have some pretty huge news. Watch for a newest little Lange this November! Too early to say what they’re having, but Carter told me that if it’s another girl, he’s going to start a riot. Til then, here’s my niece and my brother with his most recent child, Willis.

Carter Bird thought Miley’s birthday party would be the best day to start walking like a boss. Though he’d dabbled in walking before, he decided that he needed to show off a little in front of the crowd. My baby hasn’t looked back. And he’s fast.

With Aunt Megan

Gramma’s Boy

Match-match with Papa

The kid has worn holes in all of his jeans. He’s a maniac. A really cute, tiny maniac who gives squeezes around the neck and likes to pick out his own books. It’s truly time for an update on this kid, but for the time being, it should be written that the little guy is obsessed (seriously) with bananas, loves Elmo (“Mo”), and seems to be saying a new word every day. Off the top of my head: Mawm, ‘Ramma, Papa, Duck, Dog, Moo, Nose, Sock, BeepBeep, Pleeze, More, Anana, Rock, Tree, Moon, Tar (star), Oreeely (Oh really?), Cookie, NoNoNoNo, Bye Bye, Yeah, and of course, Ball.

What a difference one year can make! This was at Miley’s party last year.

And then there’s the littlest, Landry, with her chunk-a-lunk thighs and sing-song voice. Nothing gets by that one. She’s going to be keeping us all in line. When she’s not giving out the stink eye, she’s got the sweetest smile that starts at her toes.

Some days, we head to the park for a break. Miley sings songs and asks about the cacti and the roadrunners and the coyotes. Carter throws sand into the air and laughs as it falls into his hair. He’s only tried to eat it once (that I’m aware of). He scurries up to the highest slide he sets eyes on and swooshes down — he’s never wanted help. Not even the first time. He’s always been ready. Me — not so much. Miley, on the other hand, lets me help her with the monkey bars. She wants to swing with Carter, but then she gets stuck in the baby swing and screams, and then all the other parents at the park watch the debacle as I awkwardly struggle to get her out. We return home sweaty and happy and ready for bed.

I know that summer will be here too soon, though there is a lot I’m looking forward to. Coletta’s wedding is less than a month away now (!!!) and my dad’s 50th Hawaiian birthday celebration is here in July. Plus, I’m a teacher for goodness sake. But if this last bit of spring could hang out for just a little bit longer, I’d be ever so grateful. 

A musical interview with Miss Mi:


Aaaaand proof there’s never a dull moment (eep!):

3 thoughts on “Around Here”

  1. where to start?
    that’s a beautiful child you’ve got there. With some pretty cool jeans…the fact that he wore the holes in them himself only makes them more legit. Lexie also did not walk until 15 months and then never had a wobbly stage…just went straight to professional walking. Can’t decide if that means they are slower or genius.
    Woah Miley is a cutie. A miniature Michelle. Squeeze her while you can…I was looking at my Logan the other day-who is basically a woman now- and I could clearly hear her toddler deep throat man chuckle and I wanted to pick her up and squeeze her and smooth her wispy hair..but it’s not wispy anymore. Why does no one understand that the growth of a child is almost like a death? There is a baby that once was there and is gone forever and all you can do is…miss them.
    We also like to take walks at night and look at the sky. Before Lexie goes to bed she will often run to the door and point and say “side” (outside) then once we’re outside she points at each star and stares up and up in awe. It amazes me that she even notices the sky or cares.
    YAY YAY YAY for Patrick and Megan!!!! Can’t wait to see what another beautiful Lange combo looks like! Tell them I said congrats!!

  2. Hi I’m your cousin Emily in Tucson, I really love seeing all these pictures of Carter and Miley. Miley is really a beautiful girl and Carters eyes are soo handsome I hope one day I’ll get to met them in person my grandma also think the same and loves your writeing.

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