Love burns brighter than sunshine.

Melissa Bailey and I go way, way back. Back to the 4th grade, when we’d pretend to be squirrels underneath the recess trees. Back to 6th grade when our moms ran our Outdoor Ed cabin and brought curling irons (OMG THAT’S SO NOT FAIR). Back to games of MASH and oldies on the radio and microwaved cheese crisps with ketchup. Well, everything with ketchup for Melissa.

Melissa is one of those ridiculously talented types. She decorates her home like a model house. She is a former cosmetologist turned photographer. She’s tech savvy and crafty and just uhmazing. Plus, she’s like the cutest little preggo mama ever.

So when it came time for Carter to turn one, I knew we’d need to bring back the baby whisperer. And even though Bird whirled through her brand new basement studio like the kamikaze tornado toddler boy-child he is, she captured him in all of his sweet, happy go lucky personality.


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