The Hunger Games

I’m gonna go ahead and wax fangirl on you.

Years back, my close lady friend Erin introduced me to The Hunger Games. Together, we gobbled up the trilogy, loving every second. It was the best thing since sliced bread Harry Potter. Yes, really. ZOMG. That good.

Since then, I’ve attempted to get everyone I know — and their little dog too — to read the books. This is an instance where my keep-it-all-for-myself ego is in check (unlike, say, wearing TOMS in college and now refusing to purchase another pair as they’ve ‘caught on’ or the times I was seriously upset when my favorite singer hit the radio). No, no — this is not a matter so trivial as to deny the dissemination of joy. This is serious life business, and if you haven’t read the book, you need to get on that, stat. In fact, after my sister-in-law is done reading it (for the second time — yes, yes, it is that good), I’ll personally lend you mine. And we can gush and gush and gush. Together.

Anyways, a full-length trailer for the upcoming movie came out this week. And I am so, so excited.

**My husband will probably make fun of me for posting such a nerdfest, but oh well — I’m not the one tossing and turning over Skyrim. We all have our passions.

5 thoughts on “The Hunger Games”

  1. Heather, Kevin downloaded the trilogy on his kindel and is through 2 of the books already. He saw the trailer and thought it seem alot like the book but he’ll see. I’m waiting to get the kindel next, lol. I told him to read the Shack next…I love that book.

  2. I so agree; I originally read the books last year (got the box set for Christmas) and loved it. In fact when making Sean read it, I picked it up again, and still loved it. The trailer looks great and I certainly can’t wait for it to hit theaters. It’ll be the first movie I see in theaters since (ironically) the last Harry Potter.

    1. It’s just so, so addicting. Totally the type of book that ends up ingrained in your subconscious… I started narrating my life with the author’s voice while reading it. I will say that I’m not such a huge fan of the second and third books.

  3. People have been telling me to read it for years. I don’t like it when people who don’t love books tell me to read books-I boycotted. Finally read them in September….amazing. I had Hunger Games dreams for weeks. In my HG dreams, I am way more savvy that Katniss.

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