10 Months Old

The Smallest Bird is 10 months old and no longer very small.

Dear Carter,

These days you are everywhere. You are one fast little rugrat. No terrain can stop you, and it’s a workout to keep up. You pull yourself up and gaze around the room from every post possible. You’ve even figured out how to climb stairs.

You aren’t as interested in food these days. You are much too busy. You do have some favorites, though: bananas, raisins, scrambled egg, avocado, and water from a sippy cup.

You went in late last month for your 9 month checkup (and shots, four of them and a toe prick, poor babe). You were a champ and barely cried — you were too preoccupied playing with dad’s cell phone.

You continue to surpise everyone with how sweet a spirit you are. You love playing with anyone, smile at strangers when we’re out on the town, and snuggle up into the arms of your favorites.

Sometimes I look at you, and I catch a glimpse of the little boy you’ll grow to be. I love you, Carter Patrick.

1 thought on “10 Months Old”

  1. gotta love all the great press you're gtteing, hon…and you totally deserve it all! now, get back to writing! he he he(and i've already got all the books, some twice over)dragoness007@yahoo.com

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