some of the loves of my life.

Time to unload some cell phone adventure shots. It’s been a while.

Dear Landry,

Please stay put for as long as possible. Stop trying to make a way-too-early debut.


Your Favorite Aunt

My favorite poster in my classroom.

Miley in curlers.

My nine-month old.

Longest. Eyelashes. Ever.

Such a ham.

Irony at its finest.

Bird Bath.

Caught in a rare nap.

Blue eyes; new teeth


4 thoughts on “some of the loves of my life.”

  1. that boy has the prettiest heather eyes! What the heck is that Jordan poster from?? aaaand I was in that same exam room not too long ago : ) I don’t know whats going on but yeah, it’s WAY to early for that baby to come out! I’ll write her a letter too : )

    1. Teachers get free school photos — so it’s his photo packet. He refuses to smile for pictures.

      When is your due date for Charlie? I bet they will be very close!

  2. does jordan’s shirt really say “i [heart] morrissey”?

    if yes, I NEED IT.

    also, long eyelashes will win over the ladies like WHOA in later years.

    1. YES. He always has good shirts. Morrissey is playing the Phoenix Orpheum in November. You should come with us.

      Seriously, my kid is never dating.

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