work. plan. freak out.

I’ve been a bit absent from posting. Life is pretty hectic over here in the Lange-Doneskey house. Hectic in that lots of change is occurring.

Back to work this week for both Jordan and I is bringing butterflies and nerves in droves. I’m always anxious before school starts; I have weird nightmares (sleeping in and being late, forgetting pants, losing my keys), I get nervous about my new students, I freak out about not possibly being prepared enough — you get the picture.

This fall is 100x worse: I’m leaving my infant. After my maternity leave was up in February, I was able to soothe myself just a little bit with the notion that summer would be around the corner. Not so much anymore. December is a long ways away for a winter break, and we’re in school right up until the 23rd. Ugh. He’s watched by family, and I’m so lucky in that aspect, but still. Moms just should never have to leave their babes. Or Dads. Jordan dreams of stay-at-home parenting just as much as I do.

In other news, we also have acquired a roomie — our nephew Derrick has come to stay with us and go to school at Jordan’s work. I’m pretty excited. He’s an awesome 17-year old who likes rap music and Cheez-Its. But in case you’re all shaking your heads at my false sense of bravado, and because I’m an honest lady, I’ll tell you: I’m a bit nervous about being the adult figure to a teenager (off campus, that is).

So between planning and meetings and fretting and whatnot, I’ve developed a tight bundle of ow in my stomach that has harbored there for going on four days. I am very ready for that to go away, even if I’m not quite ready for everything else.

That said, holy cow, look how long my hair is. I haven’t had hair this long since my wedding. It’s seriously come a long, long way, especially considering what I did to it three years ago. Ack.

2 thoughts on “work. plan. freak out.”

  1. relax. it will be fine. it always is. the first couple days of something new always make you feel like you can’t do it and then somehow you do and it becomes normal.
    I have so many teacher friends and your posts are all the same! nervous first day jitters, lesson plans, etc. you’re all great and you’ll all be just fine! I LOVE being a stay at home mom and i am SOOO blessed to be able to do so but let me tell ya what, sometimes I get jealous of y’all and the little break you get. You get dressed in real clothes and you leave the house to go do something awesome and rewarding and that makes a difference in the world and you get to interact with other humans-even if they are teenagers. and then when the day isn’t even close to being over you get to come home and love on your babys and do the housewife thing. pretty cool.
    good luck with the new school year!

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