Carter Patrick is 8 months old.

My Carter-Bird,

Today, you are 2/3 of a year old.

You’ve done a whole lot of growing this past month. I can feel the difference in the weight in my arms and see it in the stretch of your clothes. I have my own measurements, but I can’t wait to see the official numbers at the doctor’s office next month. Your hair keeps growing faster and faster, too — so much that I’ve been able to comb your hair to the side when we go out. You look like such a little man!

You have a newfound love for electronics. Why do you pass over your brightly colored toys for gray and black remote controls? No idea. Other than that,  you love all sorts of toys, but especially balls lately. I set up the big farm your Grams got you, and though you like the lights, music, and swinging barn door, your favorite part of the whole thing is the plastic eggs. You are a talkative little thing, with a wide variety of sounds. Bababa, dadada, and gagaga now turn into remixed versions of “gabadga” and “yayahadoo” and “badeubapp”. You laugh and giggle and shout and do this growly single “ha” noise to show approval.

You cut your first tooth! After months and months of swollen gums and pain, a bottom front tooth popped up just this past week. I’m a bit glum, because I love your big gummy smile. I’ll miss it. Other teeth are very close, so I’ll have to enjoy the remaining gumminess while I can.

With Aunt Michelle

You’ve started reaching for your dad or I when you want to switch holders. You’re boycotting crawling. Instead, you rotate. It’s hard to describe — it’s like you are a hand on a clock. You turn in a circle, looking to see what’s in reach of your radius. You can pull yourself up to a sitting position with some difficulty, and once there, you can support yourself for a long time. In the morning or after naptimes, you pull down your bumper and I walk in to see you peeking through the slats of your crib.

My heart is breaking, as I knew it would all along, because our summer is coming to a close. I have so enjoyed staying at home with you these last weeks, letting you sleep in (there were days you didn’t wake until 10am!), having our leisurely breakfasts, and spending the whole day together. Going back to work will never be easy. You are my favorite person, and I always want to be with you.

With Uncle Patrick and Aunt Meg

These next few months will bring about even more change. Your cousin Derrick is coming to stay with us, and I hope you’ll be a good roommate. Grandma Lori and Papa and Aunt Michelle and Miley are looking forward to you coming back over during the daytimes when your dad and I head back to work this week. I’m already brainstorming for your Halloween costume and your birthday party.

But right now, it’s just me and you here. And Champ, if we’re counting dogs. You crashed the party last night at 6:43pm, but I snuck extra peeks at you, watching you sprawl out, no covers, your blanket clutched in one hand, your face warm and your legs cool under the breeze of the fan. You slept hard. So it’s no wonder we’ve been up bright and early.

I love you, more and more and more every second,


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