Last Saturday, Carter and I spent the day with the beautiful Melissa and Jolie Bailey. We had such a time shopping and laughing together, and Miss Jolie was just a hoot. She and her new friend “Car-ner” took Scottsdale by storm.

Which led to a long nap on the way home.

My niece, Miss Miley, has been a fish this summer. She is such a lady in rompers and sun hats by the pool — but don’t let her fool you. She can do a mean cannonball.

Carter’s Uncle Patrick has him training early.

Carter loves being with his big cousin. She takes such good care of him and always seems to know what he wants — even when I don’t.

My Bird is getting so big! And he hates clothes these days.

Been getting ready for school, slowly but surely.

Aaand some more Carter spam. I promise I have a (small) life outside of taking cell-phone shots of my child. Do I remember to take pictures of anything else? Of course not. That would prove that I was a sane person who had a multi-faceted life. I swear I’ve been reading and going to movies and working and cleaning and socializing like a semi-human.

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