Carter Patrick is 7 Months Old!

Dear Carter-Bird,

I know I’m late in writing this letter — but I’m getting a taste of how busy a 7-month old can be!

Your hair is growing fuller, and it is the softest light brown duck fluff (with a little bit of blonde, red, and dark brown — you have an indecisive palette up there). You have milky softsoftsoft skin (that tans easily — I feel like I’m constantly putting sunscreen on you, but you soak up the rays anyhow) and your blue eyes keep getting brighter and brighter. You have special eyes for your mama, and I can’t describe the feeling that gives me.

Your newest trick? Clapping. You love clapping and smiling for an audience. You’ve never met a stranger; you’ve got a smile for everyone. You also really love riveting games of peek-a-boo. Almost as much as you love pulling Mom’s hair and grabbing her necklaces. Your favorite toy? My wedding ring. You love to grab it and twist it and try to get it in your mouth before I can pry you off of it. You love bath time and you love swimming. In your trunks and your hat or completely bare, you paddle and kick and float.

Know what I think is funny? Your taste in music. You love when I sing to you, love listening to the tunes played on your mobile and your swing, love hearing the music played in the car — but your favorite are the rap beats your dad lays down for you. You love when the two of you dance together and beat box.

You’re not quite crawling yet. Scooting a little. You can sit up on your own — and Dad even caught you pulling yourself up to a sitting position in your crib last week. You try to find creative ways of travel. You roll several times in one direction to get to a toy. You pull the blanket with the toy on it to you. Your not about doing any more work than necessary.

Your gummy smile remains toothless, but I don’t think for long. Your gums are swollen and puffy most days, and you’ve been whimpering in your sleep from the pain. But not having teeth does not stand in your way. You have jaws of steel. You snap teething biscuits in half. You are still an eating machine, and you aren’t picky — though you’d prefer to eat anything sweet. You love feeding yourself and are a pro at holding your own bottle, picking up pieces of food, and even spoon feeding yourself. But sometimes you get frustrated that it’s not fast enough, and you just remind me how to feed you by taking my hand and pulling it to your mouth, or picking up the bowl and trying to pour the food into your mouth.

It’s been too hot to spend much time outdoors, and I can’t wait until it cools down so that we can go for more walks or sit in the park. I know your dad wants to take you to the zoo.But cooler weather means back to work, and I’m not ready for that at all.

Oh, wait — I lied before. Your favorite toy is the laptop. More specifically, the webcam. You love looking at yourself on the computer screen. Your dad made this video — look how awesome you know you are.




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