Rummaging for Answers in the Pages


I’ve been looking for answers this week.

They are not in homemade lunches for two, loaded with garlic and served with milk.

They are not in iPhone apps.

Not in Miley’s backpack.

They are not in favorite songs.

Not in old pictures.

They are not in naps —

nor freshly shaven legs.

Not in my email or bank account.

They are not in reading Faulkner on the couch with a cup of tea.

They are not in clean laundry.

Not on the radio.

Not in my mom’s vegetable garden.

They are not in the pool with my baby.

They aren’t in my full tank of gas.

Not even in the lightening storm combined with fireworks.

I feel stuck

— frozen in the hottest week of the year.

Other places to look:

The track?

The movie theater?

Under the couch?

Waking up early?

Where would you look?


1 thought on “Rummaging for Answers in the Pages”

  1. Maybe if you stop “looking”. All the answers you will ever need are in every speckle of star dust that is you. You are all the best parts of Heaven and Earth, just keep being natural you. The rest is just there to confuse, and distract you.
    Look into baby Bird’s baby blues and you will know this is true xoxo

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