Insta-Friday and Breezing Back In

Hello. It’s been awhile. I’ve been out and about, living the good life. One of the most important people in my life, Miss Lauren Coletta, came down for a visit during her break from medical school. I can’t believe we’ve been friends for over a decade now. It’s ludicrous to me that it’s been that long since we were 14, playing field hockey and reading Harry Potter and otherwise spending every moment of every day together (we had all the same classes for years, it’s a good thing we got along – ha!) Under perfect circumstances, she’d have been here for the release of the final Potter film, but we made do with fine dining, pedicures, baseball, and a day-trip to an Arizona ghost town. This is the fourth (I think?) time Coletta’s been to Phoenix, and each time has been at the hottest time possible. Poor thing.

Today, I’m faced with the sad realization that she’s back home and that it is already July 1st. As a teacher, July is a last-chance for high-hopes. It marks the second half of summer, which is flying by all too quickly. What all can fit into these next few weeks?

Sitting up for a ride in a shopping cart is just one of Carter-Bird’s crazy adventures that went down this week. He’s also decided he can roll multiple times in quick succession and army crawl.




Sunday was for making cookies from Erin’s blog.

Saturday night, I drove down to the airport to pick up Lauren. Airport navigation isn’t my favorite, but standstill traffic at 9pm on the way there was a “that figures” moment. Turns out, there was a nasty accident with a bus. Didn’t look like anyone was hurt, thankfully.

We both made it on time 🙂

First stop: flip flop purchases. Excellent selection. Very good, very nice. (Awful and worse in person).

Crackle toes.

Look at them cheeks.

Shots from a delicious dinner with friends at La Grande Orange in Phoenix.


Jerome, AZ: America’s Most Vertical City

One of my favorite places to visit in Jerome.

Wine tasting! I’d never done this before — so much fun.

Caduceus Cellars

Coletta in front of a ghost town brothel.

Diamondbacks vs. Indians. We lost, but the froyo was good.

Miley at her dance class.

Love these men.

No better way to come to the close of a week than with a piece of made-with-love heaven. How lucky am I to have such a close friend that always thinks to swing by with treats?

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