Insta-Friday and Week 3 of 30 Day Shred

This was a week for hard work. I was involved in some really exciting, really exhausting endeavors for my district office. I thrive on that sort of stuff though, so I’m pretty excited to see the hybrid courses we designed come to fruition in the coming semesters.

At any rate, I didn’t get a whole lot of photos snapped. Here’s what I did get:

Father’s Day pizza (prior to oven/smoke alarm)

Father’s Day wings (I never want to touch raw chicken again)

Carter Patrick continues with his love of food. His bib is awesome. His bib reads “Star of Mommy’s Blog”. Apropos.

These are a few of the members of Miley’s watch collection. She shares. They all tell a different time.

Miley eating grilled cheese at Five Guys. We took her to watch a dance recital before she started her tap/ballet combo class this week.

My cryptic and lightly passive-aggressive fortune from Pei Wei.

Participated in a webinar at work this week. Felt and looked this cool.

Bird’s been in tummy-time boot camp this week. He’s exceeding expectations. He can roll several times in succession (deeming it unsafe to rest him on the couch without a hand pinning him down) and is thisclose to army crawling. He’s also sitting up on his own for longer. In any case, we’ve lowered his crib a notch.

This is what it’s like towards the end of tummy time.

I felt the need to share the facial expression I make when I’m look at the “Climate” screen in my car. It is 94º. It is 7am.

What I didn’t get on film this week? Erin, Amanda, and I slaving over lemon bars that didn’t turn out quite right (but were still delicious), my handsome husband deep-cleaning the whole house (swoon), me staying up til 1 worrying and unable to sleep when he works his new gig, confessing love for juvenile television with Lyndsay, the written itinerary I’ve started for my bff Lauren’s trip here, my dog driving me to drink…

30 Day Shred

Week 3 of 30 Day Shred: Going good. Feel strong. Not doing that video every day or even close to every day, because it’s boring and Jillian Michaels scares me with her thizz face. I try to do some cardio/strength activity daily. Not much to report. I can flex without feeling complete shame now.

I fell upon this song tonight, and it made me sigh a great sigh. It’s corny, but her voice is so beautiful, and some corny things are very true. I think my mom would like it.

Next time I’ll play some rock n roll.

3 thoughts on “Insta-Friday and Week 3 of 30 Day Shred”

  1. I have jillian michaels 30 day shred and let me tell you i’d like to throw my weights through the tv at her haha

  2. Ugh. I definitely feel the same way. I’m too used to going outside at 7am and having it still be chilly.

    And I know this is late, but thanks for all those Fox Concept Restaurant recommendations!

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