Another week in cell phone pictures. Sometimes I feel like I’m always taking my new phone out to snap pictures, but now I’m regretting all the moments I missed! Here’s what I caught on film this week…

Took Miss Miley to see Kung Fu Panda 2. She’s so cute at the movie theater — she claps at her favorite parts and cheers on the characters. Afterwards, in the bathroom, the woman in the stall next to her and my mom passed gas and Miley said (rather too loudly), “Was that a butt noise?” Awesome.

Went to a seminar on co-teaching between general and special education teachers. I’m so, so bad at sitting for long periods of time. I start to go crazy.

I was not the only crazed lady. This is Kelly. She took lots of bathroom breaks.

I doodle to keep my mind focused. I’ve always listened so much better this way.

Bird spent lots of time in his new exersaucer this week…

…but when he was done, he was done.

It was a long week for my man. He spent a lot of time on campus readying his room and doing projects for yearbook. That’s him with his principal.

Bird turned 6 months old this week, and it made me all gushy. I had such a great pregnancy with him (minus the last day and 1/2), and now I can’t imagine a life without him.

Earlier in the week, I drove out to Ikea to pick up some shelves for Carter’s nursery. His nursery is the cutest. I think it’s time for an updated tour. I was in the backseat with Miley and she was so disappointed in me that I don’t have “Anga Burds” on my phone. For shame.

‘Twas a week of delicious eating. Look at this feast! Cooked fish for the first time and stuck to my goal to eat a salad a day.

Overall, it was a pretty healthy week in general. But I miss Swole Patrol, as I’ve had to skip it twice because of the conference and no one to watch Baby today.

But we’ve stayed busy. We ate cut up avocados and slopped through some mixed pears and raspberries.

And we danced to our song — Otis Redding’s “These Arms of Mine”.

life rearranged

3 thoughts on “Insta-Friday”

  1. I love that Otis Redding’s song is one of yours and Carter’s songs. Ava has The Surpreme’s “Baby Love” and Reagan has Judy Garland’s “Smile”. 🙂

  2. this whole thing was amazing, i love being updated on your life, i feel like i am right there with you and it inspires me to record what i do (although i’ve never been a writer). on a side note – OBVI i loved the butt noise comment. love you ❤

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