Carter Patrick is 6 Months Old!

Dear Bird,

Everything seems to have changed this month. You’re eating solids — gulping down puréed favorites like prunes, spinach, squash, pears, and raspberries like no one’s business and scraping your small fingers across your tray to grasp at puffs of grains. The doctor think you’re ready for baby-led weaning, so we’ll be starting this up just as soon as you can sit by yourself for more than a few moments.  Your hair, which we trimmed to one even length, is growing back thick and brownish-blonde. Your eyes are the most definite of blues, just like mine, and just like your cousin Miley’s — who believes she is your official caregiver. She lets us know exactly what we are doing right and wrong, and what you do and do not want. She’s very efficient.

You have grown into one serious ball of energy. You love bath time, hate tummy-time, and think it’s funny to play peek-a-boo. Your chins (all three of them) are ticklish, just like your neck and your hips. You still love bath time, especially when there are songs and lots of splashing. You’ve got baby abs of steel from trying so hard to sit up by yourself. You can sit on your own for a few seconds, and otherwise only need a little bit of help. With a little support, you can even stand on your own very strong legs. You’re starting to army crawl a little — but we think your reflux is keeping you from enjoying being on your belly. Otherwise, I’d bet you even be crawling a bit.

You give me big open-mouth kisses and still laugh when I say, “Squash“. You still have that little dip in your ear — the elf bite. It’s such a cute little trademark of yours, and I think it’s here to stay. You love being outdoors and staring up at the trees. You get little smirks on your face when the breeze blows on your cheeks.

I think I’m still your favorite person to snuggle with, except maybe your Granddad Will, but you love having deep conversations with your dad, and you laugh the most when you’re with Aunt Michelle. And every time they’re around, you seem to jump into Uncle Patrick or Aunt Megan’s arms. But you flirt with everyone, especially old ladies at the grocery store, and you love making eyes at Aunt Gina and Alex. I predict that you will carry out your namesake and never meet a stranger.

No teeth yet — but lots of teething. You have us worried about your reflux and digestive issues. We swapped formulas this month, and it’s a good thing you love prunes, because they’re becoming a daily staple. The doctor says you are healthy and strong — but we can’t help but notice that you’re on the small side. You’re a bit too long for 3 month clothes, but 3-6 month sizes fit you best. Of course, if it was up to you, you’d never wear clothes.

You love your crib. You go right to sleep most nights — sometimes without a pacifier. You’re using that less and less these days. You scare all of us because you love to pull blankets up over your head. We’re sticking to sleep sacks for right now. Your new thing is sleeping on your left side, legs curled up and arms stretched over your head.

Every day, I love you more and more and more. You are the perfect combination of all of the best parts of the universe. We are the lucky ones.


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