A Smile and a Hop

Well, hello there!

It’s starting to really feel like summer hereabouts. The heat is on the rise, the pressure to get around to summer work projects is creeping, and my urge to get to a beach is setting in. Carter spent most of today in just his diaper, and loved it. A man after his mama’s heart. He’s six months tomorrow! Where has the time gone?? Unfortunately, our pediatrician is on vacation for a couple weeks, so I won’t have the official check up stats until late this month. We did get his weight at his check-up earlier this week — 14lbs 10oz. Small and strong. And I can put off those dreaded shots for a few weeks.

I really need to get around to refurbishing this here corner of the internet. I’ve got a few things in mind, but no skill in that area of design. So many e-friends have gotten summer makeovers, and it’s making my blue eyes green.

Speaking of e-friends, here’s an invite to the Blog Hop over at Growing Up Geeky and Our Growing Garden for mamas.

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