My week in cell phone pictures…

My dog, Champ Ian, looking guilty, like he knew that I knew what he was thinking in regards to that shoe. He’s been melancholy lately, the poor guy. Perhaps a bit neglected in light of the baby. He needs a trip to the pup spa and a good old fashioned walk, I think.

Bird took lots of good naps this week. Right before he’s about to go, the little hairs on his head get wet and sticky and his skin gets flushed. It’s like he’s exhausted from even thinking about a nap.

The trees in my neighborhood are loosing all their little yellow blossoms. They crunched under my feet when I’d go running or take Carter for walks.

The Bird very much enjoyed those walks. He was super fussy earlier this week, and walks saved us a few times. This kid really likes his schedule, and it was shaken up a bit with mom and dad home from school.

I discovered my new crack addiction.


Carter discovered my new phone camera — such a ham.

And my sister-in-law discovered these migrating bees in her front yard!! Scary, but cool. They came and went within an hour.

I baked up these yummy red-velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and promptly forgot to bookmark the recipe.

We went to the pediatrician’s to check out Carter’s nasty reflux.

Jordan’s brother Craig spent a night over here and helped set up a new toy for Bird.

There were other moments not captured — watching So You Think You Can Dance and eating Erin’s fantastic dinner with Alex and A.J. Dinner with Papa and Shela with Miley dancing to hair rock. Lifting with Swole Patrol in the tiny PVHS weight room. Twas a good week.

6 thoughts on “Insta-Friday”

    1. 1. Thanks, Lady!
      2. The only fancy-schmancy cupcake trick I know: dump the icing in a big ziplock bag, cut the corner just a bit, and swirl on top of cakes. Voilà!

    1. Thanks!! I got those shoes years back, and they’ve molded to my feet. They’re the best.

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