The Running Tally: Week 3

Week 3

Monday 5/16

Distance Ran: Two miles

Thoughts While Running: My butt is hurting while I run. I did not remember this possibility.

Wednesday 5/18

Distance Ran: Two miles, broken up into quick chunks.

Thoughts While Running: It was really windy out, and the wind tunnel made my ears pop. But there is something invigorating about 77° blustery weather in late May in Phoenix. I actually had a weird half-epiphany about my relationship with my husband. I think he comforts or cheers for me the way he would like me to comfort/cheer for him. So like, instead of saying, “I’m so proud of you for exercising. I really believe in you,” he says, “You don’t look as red and out of breath as the last time.”

Sunday 5/22

Distance Ran:  ~3 slow miles around the ‘hood

Thoughts While Running: I really just wanted to be outside today, so it was nice. I had a vision of myself lying poolside afterwards, with frothy iced coffee and a Cosmo. I ended up having to get a neighbor to open the pool gate while I fumbled with my can of orange Crush and American Baby free magazine. And then I got a nasty sunburn.


Other Thinks: I didn’t run four times this week like I wanted to. Excuse: I’ve been so exhausted after grading stacks of final exams. Hopefully This week will be a better. Same goal. Also, I’m excited for school to be out and to have more flexible ways to spend my time.

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