For Jordan’s 25th birthday dinner at my parents’, I made a family staple dessert: a little pound cake, a little whip cream, lots of fruit, dump, repeat. It’s seriously addicting.

Someone may have gotten the idea to have Bird try a taste of whip cream.

Now, my kid may be small, but he loves him some sweets. See Exhibit A. He’s shown a clear preference for all things fruit over vegetable when it comes to his starter solids, and so it’s no surprise that on the rare occasion he has gotten his tongue on any refined sugar, it’s demolition.

His dad’s birthday dessert was no different. We physically had to pry the paper bowl from his clenched, sticky fingers.

2 thoughts on “Scarf.”

  1. Oh my gosh. So cute. So CUTE. I love the third picture.

    I have no idea whatever happened to Mara Wilson… she grew up I guess and got out of the business?

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