The Running Tally: Week 2

Week 2

Sunday (Mother’s Day)

Distance Ran: Two miles, broken up into 1/2 mile chunks.

Thoughts While Running: My butt is hurting while I run. I did not remember this possibility.


Distance Ran: Two miles. Stopped and walked for three streetlights.

Thoughts While Running: This was a tough run. Our neighborhood is on a hill, and the wind was blowing somethin’ fierce. I was about to give up when I saw two teenage girls rocking basketball shorts and a stroller. My competitive nature/stupid pride was instantly triggered: I cannot stop until I’m around the corner from them. As I was passing them, they were rocking “No Scrubs” by TLC. If you know me, you know that’s my jam. That gave me the oomph-there-it-is to finish strong.

Tuesday – Wednesday
Did. Not. Run. Way. To. Fail.


Distance Ran: Two miles…slowly.

Thoughts While Running: Lots of bats in our neighborhood. Should not have eaten chocolate cake for dinner.

Annnnd then I went up north to stay in a lovely cabin. So I only ran three times last week. My goal is to run four times this week. But 3-4 times a week is ok by me, especially when mixed with other types of exercise. When summer starts in two weeks, I have full intentions of going full gear. That’s the nice thing about being a teacher. I can still have summer makeovers (you know, the kind girls dream up in between high school grades).

As a side note, I accidentally stumbled upon Quints by Surprise tonight, and as I’m typing this after a 2 mile slow jog to get into shape after one measly baby boy, this lady is pushing quintuplets (in a stroller, so ~170 lbs) uphill training for a 5k.

Summer plans that excite me:

Working out with Melinda this summer in her beautiful new complex gym. Sure, she’s pregnant. She’s still tough as nails. I’m lucky she’s my classroom next door neighbor.

Hiking with Erin once her arm is healed. And getting back to our cooking parties!

Working out with my husband and his “Swole Patrol” in the upcoming weeks. Weight lifting? Hmm…

Running (and baking) with Celeste once I can keep up.

Anyone want to join in the fun? The more motivating factors, the better.

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