I am running low on steam, people. Two weeks of school left, and the campus has transformed into a menagerie. If I really want my students’ attention, I might need to purchase a unicycle. Either way, my reward candy fund is low and my ability to eat fire is void, and so I have to settle for coercion and a lot of caffeine. Neither of which are good for my anxious stomach.

The running attempt is going alright. I don’t really feel like I have more energy, and I don’t see any kind of improvement in my bod or endurance. I know it’s way early to look for noticeable progress, but I think there’s a few things that also factor in: mainly that I’m stressed at work and stressed at home. I have seniors in their second to last week of high school. Carter is teething and constipated and not a fan of naps. I ate chocolate cake for dinner tonight and took a two hour nap before my run. Probably not the best choices for healthy living. I just need to keep it up, I’m telling myself, for a couple more weeks, when I can give it a fair go. Right?

Tonight my husband plays with his soccer team, Los Gatos. They wear phosphorescent green jerseys and neon pink socks. On average, they lose by 8-10 goals. I love going to his games, but because lately they’ve been starting at 9 or 10pm, and baby and I don’t usually last past 8, I’ve been MIA. My selfish hope is that they will not win their first game until this summer, when I can be there to watch.

I’m debating whether to go with my husband to his “Swole Club” tomorrow. I have never been much of a weight lifter (I get wore out lifting full coffee pots) but I could really use a pick me up. At least I’ll have the weekend if I’m sore.

Happy in his sleep.

Imma kiss this guy and go to bed now. Maybe shower off the sweat (though I think Bird got most of it when he was sucking my shoulder…gross.).

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