Carter Patrick is 5 Months Old

Carter Patrick, Love of My Life, is five months old these days.

My little man…

:: is teething, and it breaks my heart. All things cold and textured, along with a smidge of Baby Tylenol, are barely getting us through the day. No teeth have made it through, but he has so many bumps that I know that sad day I have to say goodbye to that gummy smile pictured above is coming all too soon.

:: loves to eat! This past week he ate two slices of watermelon in one sitting, and today I tried to let him have a lick of my popsicle, and he wanted it all! This probably has a lot to do with his teething.

:: can roll over from his tummy to his back in both directions, but has no interest in getting back to his tummy (though he could, if he wanted to, based on close-calls where he almost turns to his tummy and then decides better of it).

:: is almost pulling himself up and can almost sit by himself and is putting lots of weight on his legs. He’s a strong one, that Bird is.

:: laughs and laughs and laughs. He has the most infectious giggles and guffaws. He’s ticklish, to boot.

:: can’t get enough of his feet — both of ’em. He puts them in his mouth at the same time. Based on this flexibility and his in utero skills, I’m beginning to think we’ve got a gymnast on our hands.

:: is officially out of newborn duds and has moved into 3 month and 3-6 month clothes. It’s getting warm, so most days he’s rocking just a onesie and attitude.

:: befriends and flirts with everyone he meets and is a total ladies’ man. Whether it’s his grandmas or the cashier at Target, you can be sure he’ll be making eyes.

Miley and Carter, going for a ride.

1 thought on “Carter Patrick is 5 Months Old”

  1. your sweet baby is wonderful! Isn’t it amazing that he can put both of his feet in his mouth when he couldn’t even hold up his head a few short months ago? Love him!

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