The Running Tally: Day 4

Day 4

So I think I’ll start making these posts oh, you know, not every day. I did not run yesterday. Instead, I watched baby after school, and then I went out on a double date (plus Carter) with our good friends Alex and Erin. And then it was late. Shucks.

Distance Ran: One mile, sprinting at the end.

Thoughts While Running: It’s much cooler at 7pm than it is at 6pm. I have the energy to smile at that nice sedan that let me cross in front of her. This is not hard..? This is pleasant. My deodorant smells like peaches. I hope this doesn’t ruin my hot pink pedicure.

Conclusion: There is already progress after three short runs. Tomorrow’s goal: 2 miles (during which I’ll probably need a walking break, let’s be honest).

And my dad is going to run with me sometimes, because he needs to run a mile during a football referee camp, and he “doesn’t want to embarrass” himself. Ahh, I am a woman after my dad’s heart.

1 thought on “The Running Tally: Day 4”

  1. I have a lot of thoughts while running too. I like that section. =)

    Wei of Chocolate is no doubt pricey, but unique.


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