The Running Tally: Day 2

Day 2

Distance Ran: One mile.

Thoughts While Running: I breathe funny. 6pm must be Ladies Jogging Hour. Runners’ legs, runners’ legs, runners’ legs.

Conclusion: I no longer needed a nap. Also, why are my shoulders sore? I seriously must run funky.

In other news, never ask a Chinese restaurant to make your entrée a little spicy. My broccoli was flammable.

5 thoughts on “The Running Tally: Day 2”

  1. When I would do long runs, I would get majorly sore shoulders/upper back. It’s because you’re too tense, usually! Always make sure you’re running with a relaxed posture instead of shrugging your shoulders up high.

    P.S. – CONGRATS! I can’t wait to go running with you :).

    1. I can’t wait to go with you, too! And then bake one of those sinful desserts you are always posting. Why can’t I post comments on your tumblr, btw? Am I that slow?

    1. Haha, I sure am trying to inspire myself! It’s tough being a beginner at anything. I have too much pride.

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