If my future has you in it, I’m not afraid of the rest.

Me: "No, delete that one, my eyes are squinty." Jordan: "Thats how they always look. Your big cheeks push them up."

Personal goals for the coming months:

Learn how to take better pictures. She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to be hitting up my lovely lady friend, Melissa, for lessons.

Exercise more. I’d like to buy some running shoes and start doing that. I’ve figured out why so many fit moms run. It’s because it’s the most efficient way to exercise. You can run a handful of miles (well, not yet) in under 30 minutes and the impact is there. Suck it up, Heather. You used to run a mean 6:45 mile. You know, 9 years ago. Granted, I am not really motivated to get to that point again. I’m thinking getting a 9 minute mile would be a good goal. Ha!

Make a dentist appointment. I won’t be disclosing how long it’s been. That would be embarrassing.

Dress up. Get my hair cut on a regular basis. I need a little bit more polish on a regular basis. Plus, I feel so much better about myself when my bangs aren’t sha-bangs.

Spend more time outside. I’m thinking that Jordan, Carter, and I need to head downtown for a picnic at the Phoenix Public Market’s Food Truck Friday to kick off our weekend.

Make this cake that I first saw on Celeste’s fabulous Tumblr. She inspires me to eat decadently and run quickly.

What are yours?

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