Carter is 4 Months Old!

My Little Bird is four months old!

This brought on the dreaded wellness checkup — round two of shots — where, as Jordan has so well put, “A wave of anger crests somewhere inside of me and, despite the fact that he needs the immunization, and that the medical staff does an excellent job of administering them, I always have hostility towards them for upsetting my kid.” Bingo.

But he handled it like a pro. The nurse was so quick — by the time he was wincing from the first poke, she was done with the fourth shot. His poor little chunky cha-chas.

Bird and I doing some much-deserved post-shots vegging.

The doctor said:

He’s beautiful (duh).

His lungs sound great, despite his cold.

His head is a tinsy bit flat. Hell, the kid has been sleeping 8+ hours a night since before two months old. The solution? More tummy-time, which Little hates passionately.

And here’s the BIG news! Ready???

First of all…


From 4th to 10th in two months!

He’s bumped himself from the 4% to the 10% in weight! Woo! We’ve got a bruiser on our hands!

And then, in other great big news, he got the all-clear to start guzzling more than milk. The doctor recommended baby-led weaning once Bird’s 6 months, which I agreed sounds like a good idea (any experience out there?), but she also said in the mean-time to go wild with my dream of cookin’ up some baby delicacies for Carter.


Got the go-ahead for delicious!

At any rate, we’ve wasted no time at all! Tonight’s dinner had a scoop of rice cereal, and I’m currently browsing baby food cook books for the perfect first time recipe. I think I’ve decided on simple mashed avocado, sweetened with some orange juice. This seems delicious and safe.  (Doctor said that everything but honey is ok — to just go for it, and that research supports less food allergies occur when you dive in. This offends my precious sensibilities, but I’m trying to absorb this shock).

Friday-night reading

6 thoughts on “Carter is 4 Months Old!”

  1. funny thing: my mom swears that my brothers and i LOVED a combination of mashed banana and mashed avocado when we were babies.

    however, now i hate bananas (and niles, my oldest brother, is ambivalent towards them), and sam kinda hates avocados. probably coincidental, but still weird.

    1. That is an odd coincidence. My favorite food was squash as a baby, so much so that I turned a bit orange. I still love squash? (This probably explains a lot).

      Carter was OK with avocado. Since then we’ve tried carrots as well, which was a decided hellNO. Could’ve been the texture? Hmm.

  2. those cookbooks are so cute! We dove right in…Lexie hates fruit. I have to mix it with cereal to get her to eat it but oh she loves veggies. those are certainly some chunky chahas! They’re like 3 times that size on my kid though-she’s a whole lotta woman. We have veg out days after shots too…poor kids : (

    1. I need to try a ‘real’ fruit w/ Carter. So far, it’s a little bumpy. He’s ok with cereal in his bottle, but not so much with anything on a spoon.

      I love that Lexie is a whole lotta lady. I miss her chunky cheeks! When can I see them again??

  3. Ugh I dread wellness shots!! My daughter gets her next set at her next appointment and I’m NOT looking forward to that at all. Yay for 4 months though! They really do grow right before you eyes!

    1. I can’t believe how fast it went! I feel like he was born last week! Good luck with the shots next week — Alyson is a doll! xoxo

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