I’m in love…

…with this dress. I found it at Butter Toast Boutique during the AZ Blogger Meet Up. I tried it on in the fitting room, and it was love. It reminds me of May in 1985… had I been more than a fetus at the time. I donned it for family dinner with my parents’ this Sunday.

During the afternoon, we took the Littles down to the greenbelt for some impromptu Easter pictures, and I modeled my new dress. I won’t call this a “What I Wore…” post because 1) I’m not a fashion blogger and 2) I am not adequately modeling the garment!

Baby Bird and I in the wind
Miley insisting I wear the perfect shoes for the outfit: a pair of pink Jellies
Bird was a big fan of the cool grass.
Tiny Toes
The breeze put Carter right to sleep -- not in the mood to model!
Carter and my hair are both getting so long!

Check out that gnarly bug bite. The first of the season…

Miley and her Bunny Buddy
Carter having none of it.

Miley Michelle in her own vintage frock
It was a day filled with belly laughs and a belly full of good food. After a hot date with Mr. B.Cakes on Friday and a feisty game of Bohnanza with friends on Saturday, it's safe to say that weekends like this that give me the gas to keep going! Side note: We found Carter's lost twin!

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