Arizona Blogger Meet Up

Well, it is high time that I get around to posting about attending the day sesh of the Arizona Blogger Meet Up. Such a fun afternoon spent in downtown Phoenix, wearing out the soles of our shoes and visiting some great boutiques.

Erin and I headed out, baby-free due to my doting husband. We arrived with enough time to explore the Phoenix Public Market on our own.

Phoenix Public Market
Phoenix Public Market
Phoenix Public Market

After peeking about, we met down at the Civic Space Park while we waited for all the bloggers to arrive. You could hear the cracking as we came out of our shells! We met up with Katy and her friend here, too.

Shy to Start!
Fillmore and Central, with the Space Park in the background.
Ladies Sipping Cactus Tea Arnold Palmers

Commence an afternoon of painting Phoenix a lovely shade of lavender (I’m sure it turned red at the dinner, which I had to miss out on — I’ve got a wee one!)

Bloggers Unite!
Wall Art as We Walked
Near the Grow Op
Taking on Downtown.

We got to go to some of my old favorite spots in downtown, and I got introduced to so many new places to visit! Among the places we were spotted at were Misty’s Vintage, The Grow Op, Frances, and Butter Toast Boutique (where I got the cutest vintage sundress that I’ll be posting about later).

Lovely Misty of Misty's Vintage
New Friends Outside of the Grow Op

The weather was perfect and no amount of walking could deter us. I felt like I was taking pictures the whole time, but in retrospect, I didn’t take enough! To see more, visit the Flickr pool. I had to steal a couple to fill in the holes of this post! Extra special thanks to Karie Denny.

I picked up Carter's new favorite toy, a handmade donut rattle made by Katy Verga, at the Grow Op.
Katy's Kismets for sale at the Grow Op.

To see more of Katy’s creations, visit her the Huckleberry Faye Etsy Shop.

Making fresh flower crowns (or an anklet, in my case!)
Love this photo of Erin!
A Snapshot of All of US

It was a whirlwind of fun. I’m hoping for another soon!

And for your time…

Sweetest thing I’ve seen in quite some time. Thanks for posting, Ashley!

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