Miley Michelle

The Misadventures of Miley and Me

Taking One for the Team

Miley Beast is in the hospital, going on her second night’s stay after having complications with her tonsillectomy. Poor kid hadn’t eaten on going on four days, and scooping her into my lap felt like lifting another, much smaller, kid. Because she was refusing to swallow, she was holding all of the spit in her mouth, and the doctor had to suction it out. I had to hold her down, and in the process of fighting, she got scared and wet her pants… and mine.

Hopefully Miley will be back to hellraising and gobbling macaroni and cheese soon. I miss my buddy.

Miley, Saluting Pain Medications Everywhere

5 thoughts on “The Misadventures of Miley and Me”

  1. It breaks my heart to think of Miley in any kind of pain but she couldn’t have asked for a better Auntie. You are a Diamond and you know Diamonds are forever. Love you forever, Aunt Paula

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