Did I run? Thought I was walkin’.

Right before I was a freshman in high school, I wrote this list. I forgot all about it, but I’d say I did a pretty good job of finding the right one. Ignore/enjoy the colorful grammar, copied.

The List. (The man of which I marry must meet or exceed all standards listed below. This is sacred.)

  • He must treat me like a Princess.
    • Check.
  • He must be over 5’11” tall by the time he is 19, or by the time I meet him if at a later date.
    • Jordan and I met at 19. He’s 6’2″.
  • He has to make me laugh so so hard I cry.
    • Have you met my husband?
  • He must make my heart bounce, flutter, and flip.
    • Still does.
  • He must make me cry once, but he must be right in the end. He must then say sorry anyway.
    • He is the only man that can put me in my place. Gently.
  • He must be honorable.
    • The most honest person I know.
  • He must think old people are sweet.
    • He’s a grandma’s boy.
  • He must be athletic and artistic.
    • A boy in skinny jeans & eyeliner that knows more football stats than my dad? Swoon.
  • Will not creep me out or be obnoxious and disgust me with his personality.
    • This was clearly important to me at 14. Even so, I have yet to be disgusted.
  • Cannot like rates, mice, or ferrets.
    • This was clearly added on my 15th birthday after the blind date with the kid who had 30 rodent pets. Don’t worry, I’m vaccinated. Jordan and I are happy with our first child Jack Russell.
  • He must not believe that the most interesting topic in the world is himself.
    • Though I might think it is, he does not.
  • He must be earnest with his feelings. Not too smooth. Aloof hurts.
    • Added after my first real broken heart at 16. Falling in love with someone who wears his heart on his sleeve has been one of the most serendipitous events of my life.

6 Years Ago. "Did I run? Thought I was walkin'... All I know is I'll wake up here in my clothes tomorrow... The names have changed but the constellations are still fallin'..."

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