Bonjour, Mercredi.

What real dads are like. Photo by Alex Stockwell.

Next week is Spring Break! Next week is Spring Break!

What’s a 25-year old teacher and her 3-month old son to do with a week off? Here’s a peek at my best laid plans.



Make homemade shortcake.

Finish online class that I’ve procrastinated on for 3 years in order to keep teaching certification.

Go on lots of walks.

Not spend money.

Yup. That’s it so far. Sounds delightful.

In other news, why am I so bad at remembering to check the mail? Today’s late check brought the usual billsbillsbills, but it also brought a fantastic surprise from Carter’s Great Aunt Kate and Uncle Rod: a brand new first book, Mother Goose Numbers on the Loose!

What’s new in your neck of the woods?


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