Growing Up Carter

A Very Valentine’s Weekend

Carter slept through the movie
M&M at lunch

Saturday, my mom, Michelle, and I took Miley and Carter out to Babies R Us and then off to get lunch. Grandma Lori blew bubbles that “smelled gould” for Miley, who sang and jumped and was sooo excited to see “Omeo”. We took off and saw Gnomeo and Juliet, and although I had my doubts, it was a delightful little film that had fantastic Shakespearean references. It was nice to enjoy some popcorn and cherry cola in a dark theater — it’s been a while! I love movies quite a bit. We went to the movies often with my mom growing up, and there’s still something magical about the whole experience.

Carter snoozed through most of the movie. It was the longest nap he’d taken in…weeks — now that he’s consistently sleeping 8-9 hours a night, I’m lucky if his daytime naps last half an hour. In fact, I got a bit worried and woke him up to feed him during the last fifteen minutes of the film. I’m not sure Gnomeo counts as his first movie-going experience, considering he slept through it.

When I came home, there were fresh flowers on the table and a scavenger hunt for a frozen treat. My husband, he is dreamy. I had surprised him with a little gift basket of his favorite things that morning, and the reciprocation left me feeling giddy.

On Sunday, it was our turn to take a family car ride to Mesa for an early Valentine’s celebration. Jordan was listening to Lupe Fiasco and got a bit out of hand — he was pulled over for speeding. But, classically Jordan, no ticket. Had it been me driving, it would have been another story. Not all of us are so readily charming.

Ready to Ride
T.C.’s Valentine’s Table

The table set for eight (sorry, Carter, you’re still a bit short for your own place setting), we sat down for a scrumptious feast of perfectly grilled steak, tart apple and cranberry salad, twice baked potatoes, green beans, berry-filled layer cake, sparkling cider, wine, and chocolate-covered strawberries. I’m surprised any one of us could budge after a meal like that, but the boys were quick to set up a pull-up competition and a basketball match.

Just Us

Carter posed for pictures with his grandparents, downed two full bottles, and refused to nap outside of Grandpa Will’s arms.

For me, the weekend ended far too quickly. I am very much looking forward to the upcoming long weekend. I’m a bit at my wit’s end with my schedule. School days are long, I’m trying to exercise to lose a handful of baby pounds, and Carter has decided recently that the whole sleeping through the night bit is overrated.

This week, it’s freshman research papers and the poetry of William Blake. It’s pre-packed lunches and a craving for something sweeter. It’s hiking up mountains and being hopeful for an early spring. It’s tense shoulders and under-eye circles. It’s a bit of desperation, maybe a little too much impatience, and a lot of why are we watching European soccer again. After such a fantastic weekend, perhaps I’m just a little too spoiled. It’s hard returning to the grind. Here’s hoping for a restful night, cuddling, and a smily baby boy. Here’s to a hiatus from the contagious senioritis in my morning classes, a swift hand when it comes to grading essays, and a little extra caffeine-free bounce to my step in the mornings. And, if it’s not too much to ask, Friday — can you step on the gas a little?

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