Two Months Old

Two Months Old and a Traveling Man

At his two-month wellness check up yesterday, Carter’s doctor said that he was the healthiest baby she’d seen that day (he was one of her last appointments) and congratulated us on being like ‘veteran’ parents. Carter weighed 9.10 oz and was 22 and 3/4″ long. She did recommend bumping up his food intake to 5oz every 3 and 1/2 hours, since he’s just in the 4th percentile for weight. She did not seem worried about it though.

I went hiking with my friend Debra today after school. We hiked to the top of our usual mountain and ate an orange at the top while enjoying the view. It felt so nice to get my blood pumping, and I just know I’ll be feeling it tomorrow. It’s only 7pm, and I’m already getting very sleepy. It’s definitely going to take some work to get back into shape.

School is going alright. Falling back into the swing of it was easier than I had thought. I am thankful for the kids I have this year — I got really lucky. The hardest part of my day is always dropping baby off. He just smells so good! I’m always jealous of his Grandma.

Well… there are freshman research papers to grade, but I foresee myself snoring in bed before tackling those little prizes.

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