This love branches out like an oak tree…

Sometimes, a guy's got to take a break.

I can’t believe this little guy is 8 weeks old today. How time has flown!

He is coming up on those milestones, ringing them in with ease and a gummy smile. Example: last night he slept from 10:45 to 5:20 this morning. Hooray!

He’s finally getting a bit larger, though mostly longer, filling out his newborn outfits from shoulders to toes. Well, almost toes (see picture, ha!).

This is a big week for me, too. I went back to work. A few tear drops to match the rain sprinkles falling on my windshield, and I found myself back in room E115. Despite the welcoming sight of a brand new SMART Board for my classroom (hooray for new toys!), the open arms of students and coworkers, and even a fraction of the excitement that comes with returning to school after summer break, it was a rough day. But it could have been worse. I’m very lucky that I have such support — especially with my doting husband and with my mom, who is watching baby during the weekdays.

Running just as fast as we can...

Right now I am…

:: loving my little family

:: appreciating my momma

:: shivering in the 48 degree Arizona weather

:: enjoying the new music from Lia Ices

:: waiting for Champ Ian’s blanket to dry

:: feeling exhausted from lack of sleep

:: expecting my new Tom’s shoes, but also craving a second pair.

:: craving coffee talk and girl time

:: falling all over again for my husband, grateful for our growth as a team.

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