One Annoying Aspect

When I was in high school, I worked at a small store, Water N Ice. Water N Ice was never busy, which meant there was a lot of time standing around the front counter, staring out the window, waiting to be relieved. As busy as Water N Ice wasn’t, when it was briefly flush with customers, the electronic door chime would sound off. The sensitivity on the device needed to be adjusted. It would ring if someone were to gaze in the door’s general direction. Because of this, the sound would implant itself into my mind. I would hear the door chime and associate it with every door that opened; my bedroom, at school, various other stores. For some reason, my mind couldn’t limit the tone to Water N Ice. I heard the sound everywhere, knowing full well I shouldn’t.

The same occurrence is happening presently. I often hear phantom cries/screams/hollers/shouts from Carter in the house. Fine. Protective/anxious parenting and I can live with it. However, I’ve begun hearing his outputs at school and, worst of all, in my car. All when he isn’t around. I’m sure this happens to other parents and I’m sure that it ends eventually, but if I hear him “crying” while I’m at the hockey game tonight I’m going to have to take a mental health day on Monday.

1 thought on “One Annoying Aspect”

  1. I hear it too. everywhere. And now Abby and David & Baby live with us and I can’t decipher which baby is crying.
    also, I too worked at a water and ice store…for a day. My friend’s dad owned it and needed help and it was really more of a date than work but there was lots of icecream and I did enjoy putting the metal bendies around the ice bags.

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