Six Weeks and Counting

Here are some things that Carter Patrick likes to do:

Suck on his pacifier, which has been decided is better than letting him suck on his thumb.

Bat at the toucan and the monkey that dangle over his play mat.

Wake up early from naps.

Eat three ounces of formula at a time.

Wriggle out of diapers.

Carter at Play

Sleep in his crib (sometimes).

Stare at his mobiles.

Take  baths over the sink (but not in the infant tub — he’s a bit too small, still).

Be too small for most of his clothes.

Show off his full head of hair.

One of Carter's favorite places to doze off.

Look at faces, especially the mouths.

Take rides in the car.

Visit his grandparents and aunts and uncles.



Attempt to eat my arm while cuddling.

Cuddling on Dad

Wake up –just to eat– at 11pm, 2am, and 5am.

Keep me company while I watch Teen Mom.

Listen to music (especially the nature sounds on his mobile).

Make “O” shapes with his kissy lips.

Scratch himself with his nails.

Take great big yawns.

Follow me around the room with his eyes.

Scare Champ with sudden high-pitched coos.

Be the best baby ever.

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