Happy One Month!

Dear BB-Carter,

You are amazing. I can ooh and aah here because it’s my journal, and although I realize that only I will think the following developments are earth-shattering and fantastic, the sheer adoration I have for you and your progress is changing the way I view life.

Since you were only a few hours old, you have been able to lift your head and turn it side to side. Everyone talks about how strong your little muscles are! You’ve accidentally rolled over a handful of times now, and at one month old you are already getting sit-up lessons from your dad.

You love your toys! This week, we’ve introduced the swing and the play gym. Your eyes light up at the mobiles! The bright colors and music have had you kicking and batting your hands and — for the first recognizable time today — cooing!

You are so handsome! You still have your full head of unruly light brown hair. In the light, you can see some red in it. Your eyes are still blue — sometimes bright and sometimes slate-y. I’m working up the courage to cut your fingernails on your long, piano-player’s fingers (your dad is jealous already!).

Your cousin Miley loves to help watch you, and your Grandpas can’t hold you enough! You love watching sports with Grandpa Will, and Papa likes to snuggle you in his chair. You have the sweetest disposition, and as long as you aren’t naked (you hate being cold!), you hardly fuss.

I do hope you start sleeping a bit more at night. You are on a pretty set schedule of eating every 3 hours, though, which is great. A couple of nights you’ve slept for four hours, which was AWESOME. Please consider doing this more often.

Holding you in my arms makes me so excited for the future, and so cognizant of how fast time is already going. Please don’t grow up too fast.

Here you are, sleeping in Miley’s chair on Christmas Eve at Grandma and Papa’s house.

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