Dear Carter,

Today was a good day to be you. We slept in, only taking in the clock’s report when you pushed me to roll to the other side. When we woke up, Dad was downstairs watching sports and internetting. These are two of his favorite things to do. So we did some laundry and some dishes, and then left to run errands (and get icecream!) with Grandma Lori, Aunt Michelle, and Cousin Miley. I bought some more belly cream because it makes your shell seem extra soft and flexible (still no stretch marks…go team!), and I picked up a sage green laundry basket and some more hangers for your ever-expanding wardrobe. You are going to be one dapper young gentleman.

Dad took us to the movies with a couple of the passes I got as a thank-you at the volleyball banquet. We saw a movie about a runaway train. The acting was done really well; I’m glad Dad picked this time, because I don’t think I’d have chosen it, and then we’d have missed out. We drank bottled water and ate Skittles, giving Dad all of the yellow ones (he’s good to us that way). You kicked and poked throughout the loud movie. You’re exceptionally strong these days.

I’m very excited for you to come out and snuggle with me. I can’t wait to smell your head and show you all of the cool parts about living with your father and me. But then I know that I will miss you being inside me, bundled up and nuzzled against my sore back and overactive bladder, protected. You are almost here, Carter Patrick, and we have already loved you for a long time.



Us at 36 weeks.

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