What I’ve Learned:

Google is a pregnant lady’s worst enemy. Do not Google symptoms, Heather. Do not Google “cramping during pregnancy” or “pelvic pressure”. Or anything else. Put the Google down.

Thirty-five weeks and everything is going well. I don’t see my OB until the 29th due to the Thanksgiving holiday. So I’ll be 37 weeks when I see him again. Next Monday, I’ll see my hemotologist to get everything cleared with my von Willebrand disease. I’m also supposed to talk to an anethesiologist just to talk about an epidural. Everything is moving, on track, too scheduled and perfect for my own chaotic expectations of pregnancy.

I am still constantly anxious about something. My mom had C-sections for all of us (granted there weren’t VBACS then), and I’m getting nervous about the possibility. I’m not really even nervous about the surgery — I’m scared that I won’t be able to hold him and make  skin to skin contact right after. I’m scared that the fluid won’t be out of his lungs and I won’t be able to get up to see him. 

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