Wedding Bells and an Unfortunate Birthday Scare.

Jordan and I attended his cousin Catherine’s wedding this weekend in Green Valley, Arizona. She was beautiful, they were so in love, and the Mexican food was scrumptious. 

If only the weekend had started out so joyous!

Friday was my birthday. A quarter of a century. I’m letting that sink in. I took the day off to pick up Jordan from school and start the drive down to southern Arizona. We picked up sandwiches at Ladybug House of Sandwiches in uptown and then headed out.

We arrived early to our hotel room. Absolutely breathtaking. This was our view from our private balcony:

We were hardly there for moments when I had the worst scare of my life. Almost 34 weeks, I was bleeding rather heavily. Jordan and I raced to the nearest hospital, a small care center which turned out to be a joke. We waited in the scariest ER for two hours before Jordan’s dad started raising hell. I was so scared, but baby kept giving me reassuring kicks and hiccups. We left and went to the Labor and Delivery unit of the University Medical Center in Tucson, where I was cared for immediately. Baby Carter is perfect, and blissfully unaware. 

Lesson learned: When pregnant, never go to an ER. Also, a “hospital is not a hospital”, and taking time to do some research in an unfamiliar area is worth it.

I was so glad to have Jordan’s parents and family there, and so relieved when my mom, sister, Taylor, and Miley got there. I am one lucky kid, and I am so grateful to have such close family. After being let go, we got late night pizza and headed back to the hotel room, where I tossed and turned before passing out for 9 hours. 

The next day was the wedding. I felt better and danced with Jordan and his family. This was the fourth wedding I’ve attended while pregnant — I think I’ve nearly doubled my total number. Jordan was the flower girl! 

Tomorrow is back to school. About a month to go. We see Dr. McKernan tomorrow, and I know he’ll have lots of questions about this weekend. Last time we saw him, he moved the anticipated due date up to December 10th because baby is measuring large. As long as he’s fully cooked, I’m ok with this. 

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