In an octopus’ garden in the shade…

In the past few weeks, the changes my body has gone through have been drastic. Suddenly I’m 27 weeks along, 14lbs heavier, and experiencing swelling, exhaustion, emotional breakdowns, heartburn, and a kicking, punching, hiccuping baby whose favorite play time is between 11pm and 1am. I’m hoping the iron supplements the doc gave me today will help the exhaustion, since I came up short in my blood test.

After a week with a bumpy ride to Kingman with the volleyball girls and a bachelorette party in Vegas, I’m ready to hide away under my covers. Too bad I have three days of vb games to coach in a row and stacks of papers that grow exponentially by the class period. I want to stay in bed! I want to meet friends for a drink and bake cupcakes! I want to see a laidback movie in the theater and wrap a sweater around my shoulders because I can finally almost feel the fall in the air. I want to paint my baby’s room and decorate it with little retro toys and stock his closet with little knitted caps for winter time. I need more time, more energy. You, too?

This was a week ago. My cousin Kelly came to visit from Colorado. She’s so fun! So is my little niece, who is keen on patting my belly. “Beebe.” Last week, she put a doll under my shirt.

Official 26 week shot:

No 27 week shot today (I was lucky to make it out of bed after getting home from the airport late last night), but this was this weekend:

Best part of the trip — we saw the Beatle’s LOVE by Cirque du Soleil, and it was completely fabulous. Otherwise, Vegas is a little rough when you are pregnant — for obvious reasons — plus all the walking and crowds, and man was it hot! I spent some time outside by the pool with the bride-to-be, and lo and behold, when you are pregnant, you burn easier. Fantastic. I now have pink cheeks and a goofy tanline, which may be an improvement, as I’ve gotten a little bit of a greyish pallor these days.

I feel like I know Carter pretty well these days. Like he “talks” to me, and that we understand each other. I have so many predictions about everything from what his face looks like to his preferred routine to his favorite snack, and I can’t wait to see if I’m right! I could do a whole post on just how I imagine our son, but would that make me crazy? Maybe. Might do it anyways.

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