Soon you’ll grow, so take a chance with a couple of kooks hung up on romancing.

I will be 19 weeks tomorrow, and I’m beginning to think that I might (knock on wood) be having the easiest pregnancy of all time. It is probably just the second trimester talking.

I haven’t been very faithful in updating the past few weeks, but maybe that’s because it seems like there isn’t a whole lot to report. Which, ok, is silly, because our wee zygote has gone from a single diploid cell to a 10oz, long-limbed, acrobatic boy in just a short time. Well, I guess he was always a boy, but now it’s officially known.

I’m not sick anymore, and not sleeping as much. Let’s face it: I’m enjoying sleeping all I want while it’s still a possibility — no school, no volleyball, and, ultimately, no newborn. This will gradually spin out of control starting, oh, tomorrow, with the onset of 7 daily hours of volleyball camp. Go Ridge.

I am eating with efficiency and enjoyment — super. Food actually has a taste and likes to stay inside of me these days. My belly is firm and protrudes enough that my regular clothes are better off unbuttoned, though my stunning new maternity wear is still a bit baggy. I/We like lemonade and ice-cold anything to drink, and lots of it please, along with berries and mashed potatoes. 

According to the ultrasound technician, my placenta is anterior, which means it’s on the front of my uterus, between the baby and my belly button, instead of in the back of the baby, towards my spine. This can mean that we’d have a hard time hearing the heartbeat at the doc’s office, but that has been far from true. Baby’s got a strong, fast beat “for a boy”. What it does affect is how well I’ve been able to feel baby’s early movements, because the placenta is adding extra padding between me and him. While other moms tell me they felt their baby at 14 or 16 weeks, I’m really just starting to feel mine now.

Anterior Placenta

I’d be the drawing on the right.

Carter Patrick -- 18w4d

This is our little gymnast, feet over his head, at 18w4d. Every time we’ve seen him in action, he’s doing something to impress us. The last time, he turned and waved to the “camera”. Just opened his miniature fist and waved. The time before, he was paddling his feet like a frog. Feeling him move was a little disarming, but now I look forward to it. I can’t wait until Jordan can feel it. And by the looks of my bendable buddy, that time can’t be too far off.

One highlight of my week was going shopping with Mom & Erin! I got a few things that I can wear to work in the maternity section of Old Navy (woah are maternity pants wonderful). I’m hoping to borrow pretty much everything else I could need. Here are a couple of my favorite tops:

cream of wheat old navy maternitygreen old navy

We’ve been emptying the spare room and prepping the nursery, which is my favorite spot in the house these days. We are looking to get a tree painted on one of the walls, to go along with the owl-infested woodlands theme. My friend Kelly from work has graciously offered me her super luscious padded rocking chair that she had with her little girls, and then I suppose we’ll go from there.

So far, we’ve also acquired:

pack n play little hoot
travel system
high chair

Here is the pattern/color scheme up close!

pattern little hoot

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