Oh Boy(?)

Had a NT scan yesterday. I’m 12 weeks, 5 days along. There is a 6.75 cm fetus in my womb, and it appears to be a boy. The tech said that it he was 70% sure of it. 

I was not expecting to hear this sort of news this quickly. I am excited!!! A boy?!! A bouncing baby boy? Who maybe could look just like Jordan and play the piano and have big brown (blue?) eyes with long, thick Jordan-lashes?? Woah.

But I was just caught so off guard. EVERYONE kept saying it was a girl, including the “think pink” comment from my OB GYN. It’s like, I knew that I didn’t “know”, but when the tech pointed it out (ok, when everyone in the room was staring at it), I felt a loss. Where was the little girl with her long dark hair and her Jordan-lips? (Yeah, in my imagination, all my kids are mini Jordans). 

And then the nurses (all three of them that tried) couldn’t find my veins for a blood sample, and they were rolling them around and poking and prodding and I started crying. CRYING. In the lab. How embarrassing. 

So it was an eventful day. I cannot believe that I’m very probably having a little Christmas-time, hoodie-adorned, Chuck Taylors in every color, buy rings for my  mom at the school craft fair, bouncing (you see the tricks this baby does) baby boy. 

Or a 30% girl. Hold on to your shopping receipts, Mom. 

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